Save The Owl Sanctuary

Loving your local is a key ethos here in Norwich, and yet here we are facing the loss of one of its favourite pubs, The Owl Sanctuary. Visit their website and you’ll see a very simple description ‘a music & arts venue, pub & coffee shop based in the city centre of Norwich’. They don’t need to promote themselves as anything more than they are, because their popularity keeps custumers, old and new, coming back time and time again.

The pub prides itself on being a venue for new local bands to showcase their talent, as well as bringing in fresh bands from all over the world. On top of this, they are also host for the Norwich Soup Movement who provide support for the homeless at the venue.


The Owl Sanctuary from outside the venue. (Image Credit: Livewire)

The venue is being bought out under the current owners nose by the owner of the building next door. Rumours indicate the new owner plans to convert both buildings into accommodation. You can read the official statement from The Owl Sanctuary here but be advised of some strong language. The Norwich Radical also wrote a fantastic article, pointing out the real effects of closing down influential music venues.

If you’re passionate about local businesses, like me, there’s things you can do to help:

– Donate to the Justgiving page  as an aid to all at The Owl Sanctuary.

– Fill in this Asset to Community form. EDIT: This form has received overwhelming response and they have received enough to take the venue under consideration!

Lets keep this pub as an asset to the community as opposed to an asset of one man.



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