What can I do in Norwich?

My family are coming down for a visit, where can I take them?

The obvious answer here is to go shopping! Norwich is home to one of the UK’s largest shopping destinations, ranging from two very large shopping malls down to small streets filled with cute and special little shops. You can take a look at my previous post here to decide on where to eat to take a break from your shop – but don’t just stick to this. There are so many cute little tearooms and restaurants dotted around Norwich that I’m yet to have a chance to try out – and I’ve been here for over a year and a half!


A snippet of Norwich City Centre

Shopping not your thing? No problem. If your family has had a long drive and are down for a couple of days, a day out at Banham Zoo could be just what everyone needs. They have over 2,000 animals and some of their conservation projects are worked on alongside UEA academics so you can use this to show off the great work your university is doing for the world – especially if you’re studying Biology like me!

giraffe zoo

Giraffe at Banham Zoo. Image credit: http://www.heart.co.uk

My best friend is visiting from home, where can I go for a good night out?

If you’re really trying to show off, take him/her to some great pubs and bars. Norwich is absolutely filled with them – but we all have our favourites! Although a little pricey, Mr Postles Apothecary is an exquisite place to go for a drink. They serve some seriously good cocktails and the place itself is very magical! A beautiful place for a good catch up between friends.

Mr Postles Apothecary

Image Credit: mrpostlesapothecary.co.uk

If you’re looking for a club – take a walk down Prince of Wales and see what takes your fancy. I’m not going to tell you which ones to avoid, figuring that out is half the fun of being new here ;). There’s lots to choose from so I’m sure you can find a place that suits what you like!

However, you might not always have the money to hit the town, so fear not there is a place you can go for guaranteed great nights out. It’s a legacy amongst UEA… some often leave so in awe of their great night that they are unsure if such a place was even real… some even say it is where angels go to party. I am talking, of course, about the legendary LCR. You can have a good old catch up with your friend and pre drink with your flatmates in the comfort of your own home. Once the time is nigh, you can stumble over to the LCR knowing that no matter what your friend is in for a good time, and they will leave counting down the days until they are coming back for another visit!

The lcr

Image Credit: Damn Good Productions

I’m taking someone on a date, where are some cute places to take them?

Most of the things I’ve said above are great ideas for dates (the LCR might not be the best pick but depends on the person, I guess). One place I always admire about Norwich is the Plantation Garden situated just behind St John’s Cathedral. It’s a really beautiful setting and, depending on the weather, could be a great set up for a picnic date. If not, it’s a good place to go for a stroll and a chat before venturing into the city centre for some good grub.

plantation garden

The Plantation Garden

Whatever the situation, there’s something for you to do! What’s your favourite thing to do in a day off in Norwich?


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