UEA at Christmas

Some people dream about spending their Christmas somewhere extravagant like New York with all it’s bright city lights, or in a hot exotic country half way across the world. Well, those people are missing the real point! Any UEA student will tell you experiencing the build up to Christmas at UEA is where the real dream should lie.

(Yes, I am comparing UEA to New York. At least at any rate, it’s cheaper.)

uea chrsitmas

Photo Credit: UEA

Okay, so maybe our version of a Christmas tree is something to be desired, but at least it matches the rest of the lights on campus. Plus, I really like our unique tree, even if it’s not quite New York standard. You know when it goes up that Christmas is really starting here at UEA, and this brings with it lots of exciting things both at the uni and in the general town of Norwich!

The union begins it’s Christmas market pop-ups that offers a whole range of festive treats for yourself or as a gift. The shop begins to sell Christmas sandwiches (you need to try the Christmas cracker it is beautiful), the bar sells turkey, stuffing and cranberry baguettes and Unio roll out their festive menu of hot drinks. Then of course is all of the Christmas balls that societies arrange this time of year. I made a post last year about the BIO Christmas ball that I attended and it was one of my favourite events from last year. Most societies will have an event like this so keep an eye out for them!

In Norwich city you can experience the Christmas lights switch on. The light switch on isn’t the exciting part, however. The real treat is all of the food stalls that pop up with it, offering some really tasty stuff. Throughout December there is always little Christmas markets popping up so you just have to keep a look out for them. I’m planning on going to one later today at the forum to eat something new and grab a nice, warm hot chocolate!

One of the greater parts about Christmas at university is getting to decorate your own house/room with the cheapest things you can find. Bargain hunting is a common thing among students but when it comes to Christmas decorations things get serious. We trawled through our garage to find some lights left behind by previous tenants. Bargain one, tick!

Next, one of my flatmates managed to get some spare decorations from his mum. Bargain two, done! We also found a Christmas tree in the garage that we were given permission to use but it had no stand. So, us thrifty students used a giant red bull drinks cooler to hold the tree up. Standard.

Many students, like me, won’t actually spend the Christmas week at university. However, this makes going home for Christmas all the more special. Most students may not have seen their families since they left for uni at the beginning of the semester and this break to go home and relax is what makes the build up to Christmas at UEA all the more exciting!



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