Preparing yourself for next semester

Most of you probably haven’t even gotten around to thinking about what you’re eating for dinner tomorrow, let alone what you’re doing for next year. However, now is really the time to get yourself prepared. Some freshers may have found their work ethic so far to have been somewhat…er…slacking. Fear not freshers, it’s not too late.

Many students I have encountered so far this year are often commenting on how far behind they feel they are, with the first summative piece deadlines starting to creep up. I have done a foundation year, so I’ve already gone through all of this stress and settling into how university works as an education system far different to schools. Once the ‘newness’of it all wears off, you will begin to feel a lot better about your prospects, don’t worry! With time will come practise, and with practise will come the ability to time manage and prioritise work well over other things in your life.

I imagine a lot of you have said or have heard the words ‘I will sort myself out next semester’. Well, in order to do that you need to start now. If you have modules that are only for semester 1, start writing up revision notes into your preferred format. This way you can continue to look over them throughout semester 2 without impacting too greatly on other modules. For year long modules, get yourself up to date ASAP. It’s not too late to start now, and will only put you at a greater advantage for next semesters content.

This may not apply to you all, so for those of you who have found yourself off to a good start, keep going! The real trick is to not let it falter. If what you are doing is working for you, keep doing it. However, if you’re finding the way you revise may not be very helpful to you, this is the year to test out other methods. First year does not count towards your degree, so you can allow yourself some leniency as you find your feet. Now, this does not mean to say you can slack the whole year because a. you still need to pass and b. you really want to pass with high grades as the content you learn in first year will just continue to be built upon. You don’t want to spend time in second year still revising the majority of first year content, you want it up there in your noggin ready to go, so get working on it!



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