UEA’s Foodbank

As you can see in this video by BBC Look East, the students union here at UEA has released a fantastic new campaign to aid student poverty. For most of us, we struggle to stretch our loans enough to even cover rent, so this is a real problem and it’s great to see my university helping.

The donations will head to Norwich Food bank, as well as any extra food leftover from The Shop. As a worker at The Shop, it’s great to see that things that have been discussed over the past few months are finally coming into place. Normally, extra food could be taken by staff, but this offers a much more suitable alternative. Those who need it can then receive these donations in food parcels.

The union has released lots of flyers about the campaign, offering those in need of it some advice and support. If you’re one of the students who are struggling financially, head to the financial advisor’s in Dean Of Students. They can offer you some advice on what to do next and how to help, and offer you a food parcel to keep you going whilst you resolve your problem.

It’s things like this that restore faith in humanity, keep going, UEA!

Food Bank Flyer

Food Bank Flyer


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