Halloween House Parties

Some of you who have followed me since the beginning may remember my post last year about Halloween (if not you can see it here), which was actually one of my first posts! It’s quite strange to think how much has changed in a year, and even more strange how much hasn’t. For instance my housemate Joe still wore a fantastic costume for our Halloween house party which you can see below.

Alice in Zombieland??

Alice in Zombieland?? (2014)

Joe as a demon!

Joe as a demon! (2015)

Keeping up traditions, we decided to throw another party ourselves for Halloween. The city is an expensive nightmare on big occasions like these, and trying to find a ticket for the Halloween LCR was as rare as finding a unicorn. It was much better having the party in a house rather than flats like last year, there was a lot more space and no noise complaints because we didn’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of the building. Our house is detached with a huge lounge, much more suited for parties!

We held a competition for the best outfit, and I’m sure you can already guess who won. Ed (dressed as an old lady with a bottle of sherry) walked for about an hour from his house to ours on his own dressed like that. He of course won the prize of a bottle of vodka .However, he seemed a bit disappointed to then find out it was only about 2 inches tall…


It is well known that student Halloween parties are some of the best, so make sure if you’re not hosting one yourself, go to one!

Now’s the time to keep an eye out for fireworks and Christmas parties. For those of you who are american or have american linkages, you may even be thinking about thanksgiving. One of my housemates is planning on cooking us all a thanksgiving dinner, so that might be something you might want to start planning. As for Christmas, the cheapest way to keep everyone happy is to set up a secret Santa. My house has already set up ours – now we face the challenge of actually keeping who we have a secret!

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