Top 5 Places to Eat in Norwich City Centre

Norwich is home to an abundance of famous places to eat, so the real tough decision when you’re planning to eat out is ‘where should I go?’. From extravagant restaurants to cute little cafés, there’s somewhere to go for every occasion and for everyone’s tastes, and here’s my top 5!

Grosvenor Fish Bar

Image courtesy of Grosvenor Fish Bar.

Image courtesy of Grosvenor Fish Bar.

You will hear about this place a lot, and for good reason. They sell undoubtedly the best chips for miles. Whilst not suitable for vegetarians in the slightest (my friend was told by staff that they even cook veggie burgers in beef fat?), it is a must for everyone else! You can find a copy of their menu here.


Image courtesy of Amaretto.

Image courtesy of Amaretto.

If you’re looking for a delicious bite on the go, Amaretto is the place to go (the cheesy rhyme was totally intended, sorry). They serve some really healthy dishes, but my favourite is their really cheap and tasty pizza slices. They’re served fresh every few minutes and are just so so worth trying. They also serve tons of home-baked cakes and pastries.

Orange Tree

Image courtesy of Orange Tree.

Image courtesy of Orange Tree.

The Orange Tree also offers a take-away service but I find this is a really nice place to go for a fair priced lunch. Perfect place to take your family when they’re down, or when you’re having a day out in town with friends. Their selling point is their sandwiches, they have some amazing fillings and let you mix and match to your tastes! Their website can be found here.

Biddy’s Tea Room

Image courtesy of Biddy's Tea Room.

Image courtesy of Biddy’s Tea Room.

I think I’ve mentioned these guys before, but they definitely deserve another mention. Whilst space is often limited (book if you can!) they have the best selection of tea’s there are. You can choose to have a quick pot of tea and slice of cake downstairs, or head upstairs for the restaurant side of things. Honestly, just read the menu and your mouth will water.

The Library

Image courtesy of The Library.

Image courtesy of The Library.

My most extravagant of choices, definitely not a casual day-to-day place to eat. If it’s a big occasion, this is for sure the place to go. I visited a few weeks ago and it blew my mind. Absolutely beautiful food (at high prices, unfortunately) and a fantastic setting. Possibly a good place for a date if you’re really trying to impress. You pay for what you get, and you will never forget your visit here. The menu can be found here.


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