Student Night and Discounts

Thursday the 8th Oct was the day of the long awaited student night. Hosted at Chapelfield, the event exclusively offers students absolutely TONS of discounts in favourite shops! For those of you who might not know, Chapelfield is one of the two main large shopping centres in Norwich City Centre.

Intu Chapelfield

Intu Chapelfield –

Discounts included up to 20% off in shops such as H&M, River Island, Schuh and Superdry; with opportunities for up to 50% off in some restaurants. This was not all that was on offer, however, Desperados were in the centre of the mall giving out free drink freebies and there was a DJ from Propaganda (an indie club night hosted at UEA owned ‘The Waterfront’) making the night more lively! Some people were able to get more than one free drink by going up to different staff each time they walked past the stall, but that of course didn’t include me. Absolutely not…

If you missed it this time around, or are looking to come to UEA next year, make sure you keep an eye out for when it’s happening! It will always be around this time of the year, so save some of your student loan and wait for student night. There will be something you will want by then, trust me. In the first month I’d managed to ruin my pair of trainers so desperately needed some more, especially with winter coming round the corner.

New Trainers                                      New Trainers

I may have bought a new pair of boots too…


Aaaaand some jeans…


But be assured, I did really really need them.

“What about the rest of the year?” I hear you ask. Do not worry, if you get an NUS extra card for £12 for the whole year you can discounts in absolutely loads of places. Honestly, buying this card was one of my best decisions as a student. It allows you to get 10% off in our own student union shop on campus; a discount on a railcard; discounts in hundreds of clothes stores and restaurants and money off lots of miscellaneous shops too. You can buy them online at or you can get one straight away if you head to Grab and Go in the hive where they can print them for you.  Take a look at the list of discounts they offer online if you don’t believe me!

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