Finding Your Feet

I’m sure all week that those among you who are new arrivals here at UEA have been bombarded with the endless events of welcome week. I didn’t want to be generic and write a post detailing every event come up, so thought it would be better to write a summary of how my first week as a technical ‘first year’ went and some advice for what’s ahead of you (for those of you who don’t already know, I was a foundation student last year).

Firstly, I would like to welcome all of UEA’s freshers! I was part of the team of pink t-shirts that helped move in those of you who are living in campus accommodation. I hope you were welcomed with smiley faces and were made to feel at home right away! Even as a student staff member I really enjoy when I have jobs such as these, because I know how nerve-racking the first day can be and I like to hope I can help to make it a little easier – and so does everyone else. If you feel you could contribute well to such roles, keep an eye out for job openings on the union website or on UEA’s designated career central website. Here you can find not only jobs at UEA, but across Norwich as a whole.

Career Central can be found on campus in the square as well as online.

Career Central can be found on campus in the square as well as online.

By now you will have probably have met all of your flat, or at least I like to hope you have! You will notice a difference in your selection of interests, hobbies and cultures. Use this to your advantage! University is the perfect time to learn new things and discover new interests. Don’t be put off by ‘different’, embrace it. Respect each other, some people like to party and others don’t and that’s okay! Just ensure that everyone is comfortable and find something in common that you can all equally enjoy together.

During freshers week the wildest of you will have probably spent at least a couple of nights in the LCR. You will have found out here who are the party animals and who are not. For those of you who love LCR club nights as much as I do, I’ll see you there over the term! There was lots of other things going on too in the bar and other places. I hope most of you have spent a night in the bar with some new friends, it’s a fantastic atmosphere so if you haven’t get a group together and head down there. For those of you who don’t drink or prefer quieter nights, don’t worry! The bar is really chilled and not nearly as crazy as the LCR.

Finding your feet can be hard during first week, but you will pick up very quickly where buildings and rooms are. I think once I had that figured out I felt a lot better about the whole thing. There’s so much going on and you are going to experience so many emotions over the coming weeks but keeping yourself on top of things you can control, such as work load, will help you in abundance. Lastly, remember to never be afraid to ask for help! There’s someone available to help with probably any problem you can think of at UEA, any doubts on who to go to just contact your personal adviser.

All in all, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic first week! What were your highlights? What do you think could have gone better for you? What would you like me to give some advice on? I would love to hear from some fresh faces 🙂

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