Moving In -ROUND 2!

Firstly I must apologise to my regular readers that I have been a couple weeks without posts. As mentioned before I finally got to move back into Norwich on the 10th and so have been busy getting things in and ready! Also, I still have no internet at my new house (boo) but I’m currently sitting typing away in the UEA library so this shouldn’t be an issue from now on. Yay for free UEA WiFi!

A bit of deja vu!

A bit of deja vu!

I wanted to start by showing you a picture of me starting to load things into the cars. Yes, it took two cars this time round. Last year I managed to get everything into my mum’s big 7-seater but as I decided to bring my own car down this year (due to having a parking space now) I then decided more stuff was definitely needed. Surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly if you know me well, this is not even a quarter of the amount I brought along with me for UEA round two!

I don’t know where to start with describing my new house, we have gotten really lucky. I’m sharing with 5 other students, 3 guys 3 girls, in a beautiful house in the Bowthorpe area. For now I wanted to show you all my room, which is the bit I was most excited for. I got my first ever own double bed, with a wardrobe and extra storage big enough for everything I brought along! As you can see, my room leads into an en suite that I share with the room next to me. I always love being nosey as to how people decorate their rooms so I’ll be sure to update you once everything is fully unpacked – even since taking this picture a lot has changed. I’m definitely hoping to get a new lampshade for starters!

In terms of items I’ve had to buy for the house, my flatmates and I have brought most things from home. Anything extra that was needed was shared out between us. I thought our front room looked bare and boring, so got a huge mirror from an antique store in Norwich (Looses) for £20! Personal touches such as these can be shared across your flatmates to make things cheaper for you.

My advice for those about to share houses or for those who will be next year, would be to share things such as cutlery and pots and pans. There just won’t be enough space to have multiple sets! Also when moving into a new house, there may be a few issues. I found what worked with my letting agency was to make a list of them and take it directly to them (assuming their offices are local). Most of our important problems were dealt within 2 days this way, but if you do have problems with landlords or letting agencies do seek some free advice from UEA who can help you get what you need.

We currently have a pool table in our front room that is acting as a perfect distraction from the fact we currently have no internet. I didn’t realise how much of a necessity it was to student lives! What are some personal touches you’ve put in your student rooms or houses? I’d love to see how people have coped with varying room layouts and space 🙂

2 thoughts on “Moving In -ROUND 2!

  1. It feels really weird living in my new house as it’s fully furnished and decorated by the elderly woman who lived her before. It feels like I’m living with someone’s grandparents at times haha but my room feels a lot more like “me” thanks to all the photos and decoration I brought with me!


    1. Aww at least your house is fully furnished, some unlucky people may not even get that! My house is very modern because it’s quite a new area. I’ve only just gotten around to getting some photo’s and things up – definitely makes your room feel a lot more homely!


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