Top 5 Tips for Time Management

With not long left until the new round of freshers enter their UEA halls, it’s probably best to provide some fellow student advice on time management for the year ahead of you. Learning to juggle your commitments can make or break how much you can get out of your experience and how happy you are, so it’s important to try and get the balance right! Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Organise your priorities
I found the best way to lay this out was to get a large yearly wall calendar, Waterstones on UEA campus had ones for free last year on their counter. I’m hoping they do the same again this year, if not they are really cheap to buy. On this put all of your deadlines, any social commitments (such as time dedicated to societies) and any work hours you may have. From this it’s easy to arrange what you need to do week by week.

2. Set out a revision timetable
Personally, I tend to start revising straight away, there is always external reading that can be done on any subject. Divide some of your spare time between each module (per semester) and make a note of it. The important part is to stick to this – good habits will benefit you greatly when it comes to the end of year exams. If you’re feeling a bit stressed, maybe just do some light reading around something you’re interested in within your degree. As long as you are keeping your mind in the habit of learning, you are giving yourself a good chance of succeeding.

3. Always make time for sleep
Getting enough sleep is super important for a studious brain. Be sure to put your sleep first, if it means sacrificing a couple hours of study from time to time, let it be. You can’t expect to do well if your mind isn’t at it’s healthiest. It may suit you to organise your study time around when you are most alert, to make allowance for your sleeping patterns. For instance, I never let myself work past 10 because I know I get too restless after this point to do anything worth while. This keeps me in the habit of winding down before bed.

4. Organise part-time work around your studies
At the end of the day, you’re here to get a degree, so make sure that’s your main focus. If you’re expecting a busy week for coursework deadlines and such like, there’s no harm in reducing your work hours in order to stay on top of your studies.

5. Make time for fun
Always, always, always make time for your family and friends! Don’t let yourself burn out. If it’s getting to much, you’re allowed a night off! If you’re working hard when you should be, you can afford to relax from time to time.

Think I’ve missed something? Let me know! Also, to my regular followers, and for those who may be interested, I am moving back to Norwich on the 10th September so I’ll be doing a few posts on that next month so be sure to keep an eye out! 🙂

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