What do you really need?

As of Thursday (13/08) those of you with conditional offers for university places will finally know if you’re in! For those of you heading of to university here’s a few pointers for what to bring when packing for your own university adventure.

Door Stop
Something that is very commonly suggested on posts like these, but that’s because it’s an important item! It helps you come across as inviting and friendly to new flatmates.

Tinned Food
Inevitably there will be a time where you spend your budget a bit too quickly, and you will count yourself a blessing that you have all those tins at the back of your cupboards to save you from great hunger.

Bedside Lamp
I found the light in the rooms at UEA were a bit bright for watching a movie on my laptop, so a lamp is ideal to have so you aren’t sitting in complete darkness! Also, if you put it next to your bed, you haven’t got to get up to switch the light off once you start drifting off.

A Fan
Only really necessary if you’re on the bottom floor of your building. I never got one myself but I think I’d have felt better if I’d had one, as then I wouldn’t have had to leave my window open whilst I was asleep when it was warm. I was on the bottom floor, so would get paranoid about the slightest noises sometimes! Although there is round the clock campus security, sometimes little things like this make you feel more comfortable.

Dry Shampoo
I promise you that there will come a day that those extra minutes in bed mean more to you than washing your hair, especially for the dreaded 9 AM lectures. I promise.

A Back Pack
Useful for carrying stuff too and from university, also extremely useful for carrying shopping! 10p for a plastic bag every time you go shopping is just not worth it, and it saves you having aching arms.

Paperwork and an ID
May seem an obvious one, but you’ll be surprised how many students forgot and had to get important documents posted in to them from home.

Stock of Toiletries
From baby wipes to shower gel, you will be thankful you kept some extra stock ready under your bed!

More specifically – those that once hung won’t require ironing. You just won’t be bothered to iron, trust me. If you are one of those who will persevere through doing laundry at UEA’s launderettes and still want to iron, I salute you (in such case, don’t forget the iron!).

This list is non-exhaustive, but I think provides a good start to some things you might not always think of. My best advice would be to make a list of everything you want to take with you, and check through it as you pack your bags.

Think I’ve missed something important? Let me know! 🙂

3 thoughts on “What do you really need?

  1. I didn’t have a doorstop so I spent the entire year using an empty toilet roll to keep my door open. I think it was quite emblematic of my first year and my flatmates found it hilarious. I nearly kept it out of nostalgia at the end of the year haha.


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