Waiting For the ‘Big Day’

I remember this time last year I was spending my time daily worrying about the impending ‘big day’ – results day! For many of you reading this, you’re now probably going through the same thing. For those of you waiting for an acceptance into UEA, here’s a few tips to ease your nerves and things to get you excited about what to expect once you’re in.

Moving in

Move in day

Move in day

When you have accepted your offer of placement at UEA, you will also need to sort out your accommodation, if you haven’t done so already. For most of you, this will be in the campus accommodation provided by UEA. Now’s the time, if you haven’t already done so, to make a list of absolutely everything you wish to take with you. Highlight items you still need to buy, and get shopping! The sooner you organise yourself, the less stress you will have when it comes to move in day. Now’s a good time to start thinking about what budget you are planning to live on week to week – taking account of night outs!

New People

Seeing the fireworks in Norwich

Seeing the fireworks in Norwich

As part of any university experience, meeting new people is usually one of the parts most students are looking forward to. It can also be the most nerve-racking – just remember, most of the people you meet first will be in the same boat as you. Be friendly, get involved and most importantly be yourself! Before you know it, you will have made friends for life.

Starting Your Degree

One of UEA'S lecture theatres - image credit to www.mondodr.com

One of UEA’S lecture theatres – image credit to http://www.mondodr.com

Once you have received your timetable, the reality of actually starting your degree seems to set in. I found I was so caught up in worrying about the aspects of moving, I completely overlooked the main reason I came to university! You need not worry however, the first lecture of all modules serves as an introduction to professors, fellow students and course content alike. In the first week of university you will be told all the things you need to know to pass your course, including what books or equipment you require, deadlines for certain pieces of work, and details of your personal adviser. It is really important to ask any questions you have at this point, so that you are comfortable moving onwards and upwards into your degree.

Clubs and Societies

Sportspark at UEA - image credit www.sportspark.co.uk

Sportspark at UEA – image credit http://www.sportspark.co.uk

During freshers week, one of the largest events happening during the day are the Sports and Societies Fairs. If you’re nervous about going on your own, ask a flatmate or friend from your course to go with you – chances are they’re nervous too and would really appreciate you asking them. This will also give you time to get to know them better, and explore each others interests. Before you leave, make sure you are going with an open mind. Lots of students come to UEA and join a club or society that they have never been interested in before and find a new passion or talent! Explore your options, and talk to the people at stands you might be interested in. There’s no pressure to join straight away, so you have time to think about what you would most like to do. It’s strongly recommended you don’t take on more than 3 clubs/societies per year (1-2 is most common) as the mixture of these commitments and work load can become over bearing – but you should definitely think about joining at least one!

Student Bars and The LCR

Photo booth!

Photo booth!

During both the day and night, UEA’s student bar is a popular place to be. Offering a more casual atmosphere, it’s a great place to enjoy time with new and old friends, and even meet new ones. There are pool tables and TV’s for you to use for your leisure, and offers a cheap place to relax and have a good time. If it’s to your taste, you will soon become well accustomed to The LCR – UEA’s on campus club. Every Tuesday DAMN GOOD organise themed club nights that are not to be missed! The themes can range from Harry Potter to Disney.

So, what are you most excited for? If there’s anything you think I’ve missed, or you would like to know more about specifically, please comment below and let me know. As always, I appreciate any feedback 🙂 UEA looks forward to welcoming you all!

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