Travelling to Austria!

As I mentioned in my last update, I’ve been out exploring across the pond. This time it wasn’t at UEA though, I flew out with my best friend to Salzburg, Austria for a few days!

Thanks to my student job at UEA in the campus shop, I saved the money I earned training before I left for the year to go on a short break away. I’ve always loved the idea of travelling but could probably never afford or be brave enough to do the full back-packing for a year thing. I’ve found I’m much better suited to breaks as and when I can afford them and I have time free. This might be something you want to incorporate into your time away at university, but you’ll definitely want a part time job to fund it!

Austrian delights!

Austrian delights!

Austria's version of a 'love lock' bridge

Austria’s version of a ‘love lock’ bridge

The food in Austria was fantastic! My favourite was their huge selection of ¬†delicious pastries. The bakery’s in Austria are phenomenal. When we went into town to explore (after overcoming the language barrier to get on the bus, quite a funny experience) we found a couple of really good ones. Dividing the town there was a river, that seemed separate new town from the old. Across it there was a fantastic ‘love lock’ bridge which I had no idea would be there. The views from it were incredible, but my phone then decided to run out of battery.

The mountain we climbed (well, got carried up!)

The mountain we climbed (well, got carried up!)

One of our biggest feats was venturing up one of the mountains that Austria is surrounded by! It was a short walk from our hotel to a cable car that took you straight to the top. If you look closely in the picture above you can see a tiny spec that is the carriage. As you can see, it was a bit cloudy that day so you couldn’t see down very well once you were at the top as you were then above the clouds looking down on them. However as you went up you got some really spectacular views of the surrounding parts of Salzburg; then when we went through the clouds we were just surrounded by whiteness. It was kind of spooky but definitely an experience to say the least!

It’s a really beautiful country and I definitely recommend you visit it if you can. You don’t need more than a few days there so it’s a nice short break for when you need it. I hope to go on more trips like this as and when I can! I think it’s really good experience to have, and it always gives good stories to tell. If the idea of travelling seems like a really good idea to you, you can always look into doing one of UEA’s a year abroad programs. It’s an extra year slotted between 2nd and 3rd year that you can spend in a country of your choice, and a fantastic opportunity if you think it’d be suited to you.


As a finishing note, and because I like to put random things on here, I found a blue fanta in Austria! I’ve never seen this in England, makes me wonder what else we’re missing out on…

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