Summer BBQ!

A huge group of us finally managed to get together and arrange to have a BBQ by the lake! For those of you not in the know, UEA have 9 BBQ’s lining the lake and you can book a 3 hour time slot for their use using this link.

You need to provide your own food and coal etc. Each BBQ has a picnic bench table with it so you can sit and enjoy your food! Or, more particularly, you can sit and wait whilst someone cooks the food for you 😉

Barbecue layout along UEA's lake

Barbecue layout along UEA’s lake

There was around 15 of us in the end, so this meant a lot of hungry mouths to feed. We arranged it so that everyone brought their own food, and most people teamed up and bought stuff in 2’s or 3’s to make it cheaper. I happened to team up with some of the best cooks I know at university so I just got very lucky! UEA are happy for you to take drinks and snacks down with you too, providing you clean up after yourselves.

Our slot was 8-11 and we had a bit of a dilemma to begin with because no matter how much we tried we couldn’t get the coals to light properly. After a trip to the other BBQ’s in use I managed to find someone cleaning up who brought over some firelighters for us to use, which pretty much saved our BBQ! So my first bit of advice; make sure you bring some firelighters of some kind to get the BBQ going, and lots of paper.

After what seemed like an absolute decade, the BBQ was finally hot enough for use, and people scrambled over fighting to be the ones who got their food on first so they could eat. Everyone was super hungry at this point because by then it was around half 9! However the delay wasn’t much of an issue because it was one of the rare times that we had managed to get nearly everyone together at the same time, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

My second bit of advice would be that if you do plan on having a BBQ as late as we did, make sure you bring some form of light! For those that weren’t sitting around the BBQ, we were relying on the light from the ziggurats to make out eachothers faces (hence the lack of personal photos). Then when it came to tidying up half of us had our phones out for the light and the other half were trying to pack things away! Nonetheless, it was a really great night and highly recommend doing it when you come to UEA 🙂

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