Norwich Venues

For those of you that aren’t yet aware, the LCR and the waterfront aren’t the only venues that hold gigs and events for UEA’s student union. If you take a look on their website, there’s absolutely loads! There’s particularly lots of small, cheap gigs on their website that are all easy to get to (they’re pretty much all in Norwich city centre).

bicycle shop

The Bicycle Shop – credit

A few weeks back I went to see Fabian Holland at The Bicycle Shop. I had no idea that it was even used as a venue for such gigs, because it’s a restaurant upstairs – and a very nice one at that! It was a small set up and was super cute and I’d recommend going to see someone there. You can sit down, have a few drinks and have some entertainment for a very small price!

The Set

The Set

Fabian himself was brilliant, due to the intimacy of the event we got the chance to talk to him in between his show, and he got to engage with the crowd a lot more than you can in big venues. You can see some of his songs here! I loved the relaxed atmosphere and it was a really effortless night that still offered an escape from revision.

I also went and saw a band called Flint Moore at The Blueberry, which was free (bonus!). This was more of a pub atmosphere but still just as good! I plan to keep an eye out for more upcoming local events in the future, and if you come to UEA, you should look forward to doing the same 🙂

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