The Plantation Garden

The Plantation Gardens is named ‘a beautiful secret garden in the heart of Norwich’ and whoever wrote that wouldn’t be far from the truth. The place I’m talking about can be found next to the catholic cathedral and is yet another place I would recommend you visit!

I spent an hour or so there with a few friends, lounging around on the grass sunbathing. The fun ones among us (including me, obviously ;)) used the maze of bushes and flowers to play hide and seek. We certainly got a few odd looks but it kept us entertained for a while.

You can see how scenic it is from my photos. The Gothic fountain is a really pretty sight, and similar designs can be seen in old Victorian churches! It’s really well maintained and would be a great place for a picnic should you fancy one. You could even visit the cathedral whilst you’re there, which I didn’t have time for this time round. We instead had a very important meeting with the pub…

 The place itself was originally founded in 1856 by a man named Henry Trevor who spent the next 40 years transferring what was a chalk quarry into the beginning of this garden. It has since blossomed into what it is today! My favourite feature was the italian style terrace at the back of the gardens which you can’t really see in the pictures. If you want to find out more about it you can use the link I put at the beginning of this post!

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