After countless amounts of journeys on the bus’s 25 and 26, and driving past a field with ponies in countless times, I decided it was time to go exploring. With the weather hotting up, and the cabin fever of revision settling in I just needed to get outside and do something completely useless yet fun with my time.

Lake on UEA's campus

Lake on UEA’s campus

The field I’m talking about is situated just behind UEA’s Lake (shown in image above). To start my mini UEA adventure my friend and I headed into Blend, a cafe on campus, and grabbed a few snacks to have a picnic by the lake. At this point I think it’s safe to say I think I may be regressing back to my childhood, first blanket forts, now picnics! What next?

Something I never realised before about the lake is that there are loads of barbecues situated around the entirety of it! All of them were taken up by big groups of students cooking on them, and the smell around the lake was making me want to run over a steal a burger. You can book the barbecues online I believe, so it’s definitely something I’m going to look into with my friends! A great thing about the whole scene was the atmosphere really. I’ve never seen UEA so busy, because it was such nice weather everyone had come outside to enjoy it. I did envy those who live in the ziggurats at this point, as they get to live on site!



You can get so close!

You can get so close!

After our picnic we headed up to the place I originally intended to go, the pony field! I wasn’t expecting to get quite as close as we did, but the minute we walked up to the fences a couple of the little ones trotted right on up to us. They were super friendly, and let you stroke them as long as you were gentle. Some were actually trying to itch their heads against my hand. They might have been expecting me to bring some food which is probably more to do with why they were so interested in me than my hope that they just really liked me :(.

Further up the field they have a pen for donkeys to, which were a bit scary if I’m honest because they were a lot bigger and could reach their heads right over the fences. Some of them kept putting their necks between the fences and scratching on the posts, which was pretty funny to watch.



We followed a path around the UEA broad along the river Yare which trailed on from the pony pens. It’s a really beautiful and scenic walk, definitely great for clearing your mind of exam stress. You also never know who you might come across; I met a 3 month old puppy that made me miss my dogs back home so much!

So if you’re ever down this end with time to spare, or like me with no time to spare but just a real need to refresh your mind, make sure you check it out!

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