Great Yarmouth

Last week I had my car at UEA for the holidays, so took it as an opportunity to go out and visit the surrounding areas of Norwich. So, of course, I went for the beach – that and my friend lives there and wanted a lift back to UEA. For those of you that don’t know of Great Yarmouth, it’s a seaside town (I would also say sunny but alas it is still in England!) within about a 50 minute drive from UEA campus.

Great Yarmouth Beach

Great Yarmouth Beach

Friends at Great Yarmouth

Friends at Great Yarmouth

The visit was strangely nostalgic, because I had been there a couple of times on holiday when I was younger. I was really surprised by how much I recognised! The pier had barely changed, and the chips were still as yummy as I remembered. There were still small ponies that children could ride along the beach, which I remember doing about 10 years ago!

The seafront strip of Great Yarmouth – credit: Great Yarmouth Tourism

There are lots of beaches within reach of UEA, something that is often appealing about the university’s location. As the weather gets hotter I hope to visit more of them, and visit more nature reserves that are in abundance in Norwich and surrounding areas. The Norwich Broads are probably amongst the most well known and I hear wonderful things about the area, so I will put that to the top of my list!

It’s great to know about things you can plan to do at university, because you don’t want to be stuck on campus all year round. Norwich particularly has loads of places to explore, some I have mentioned in previous posts, some I am yet to explore myself. So do your research before you go, find where the hot spots are, and the places people recommend. The locals will know more than anyone, and you may also be lucky like me and meet people from nearby areas that allow you to explore even further.

With exams looming, visits like these really help to relax and calm you. You can set aside days with your friends to give yourself something to look forward to when you feel as if you are never going to finish that piece of coursework, or you can save it for those impromptu days where you all just feel the need to get out and do something.

I recommend exploring the area for whichever university you attend, even though we all know UEA is the best ;).

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