Can Students Cook?

Today I find myself on the subject of food (maybe because as I write this I can smell dinner being cooked downstairs). I headed back to Norwich for few days this week, and spent a fair bit of my time helping to cook some really delicious meals and treats. My friends Jack and Ringo are fantastic cooks, and they are proof alone that students can cook great food on a budget.

Egg on a pizza, need I say more!

Egg on a pizza, need I say more!

I think this pizza says it all really. We cooked (well, mostly Jack) pizzas from scratch using a few spare ingredients we all had sitting in our cupboards, and they were absolutely delicious! I would never have thought to add egg onto a pizza, but let me tell you it really works. The only issue we had was only being able to cook one pizza at a time due to there being no shelves in our microwave ovens, so we were fighting over who got which slices each time. The recipe we followed was from Jamie Oliver’s website. Definitely something to try with your flatmates if you get the chance. Sharing meals is not only a lot more fun to do, but also allows you to have cheaper meals with better quality!

For something more sweet, we made some blondies (white chocolate brownies) which did go a bit wrong because we put too much mix into a small tray and so the middle didn’t cook properly. In the end we got impatient and just cut the edges off and devoured them. Still incredibly yummy though; now we know better for next time. One morning we made some pancakes. They are so cheap and simple to make, and most people will enjoy them because they can decorate them to their taste!

I really recommend exploring some of your cooking abilities at university. If you are lucky, like me, you will find some people to help teach you. Or you can do what I do, and offer to do the washing up if they cook :). Its a great way to spend time together too, so you can’t really go wrong – even if the food does end up tasting horrible!

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