Center Parcs

Now I know this isn’t strictly University related, but I thought it’d be a fun topic. I’ve just got back from a weekend away at Center Parcs in Elveden forest, only about 40 minutes from UEA itself! So if anything it’s still kind of relevant. The scenery and surroundings is very reminiscent of Norwich anyway, I think.

The pictures above are of the beautiful lodge we stayed in. It was so luxurious, and definitely helped calm the nerves of upcoming exams. The only issue being now I’m so relaxed I’m really struggling to get back into the revision routine! I think it’s good to give yourself a break from work every now and though, sometimes the stress can really creep up on you; you just need to learn the balance so you don’t end up a little too relaxed!

It was great to spend some quality time with my family to, because my dad works nights it can be hard to have us all together. I put my organisation skills to use and arranged a pool tournament in the games room, to which I lost because people cheated! (Or I’m just a bad loser…).

The Lake :)

The Lake 🙂

Being set in the woods, you can imagine the scenery around center parcs was simply beautiful! The woods were filled with muntjacs, bunnies, squirrels, birds etc. The muntjacs would walk right up to the lodges, they weren’t scared of people whatsoever! The lake in the picture above really reminds me of the one at UEA if I’m honest.

People often comment on the scenery of Norfolk, the scenery is beautiful and one of the many reasons I think prospective students fall in love with UEA when they visit. It’s a very relaxing environment to be in, contrasted to the busy city centre or campus.

I think it’s great I can balance these experiences at my university. No matter what you’re in the mood for doing, there’s something here for you at UEA!

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