Off For Easter

It’s that time of the year again, another holiday which means for most of us students it’s time to go back home to our families. I am saying good bye to the UEA bunnies for now and hello to the Easter bunny (and all the chocolate that comes with it!).

I’m a bit scared by how quick another term has gone, it feels like it was only just Christmas! Looking back I think this term I felt a lot different than during my first. UEA literally feels like my second home now, and my friends like a second family. I’ve had some of the best times of my life here already, and I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave. I absolutely love being home, but I also love that I am so excited to go back as well.

I do go home most weekends to work anyway, so sometimes I feel like I’m Hannah Montana; living a double life. You truly do get the best of both worlds though (please excuse the pun). The independence that university brings is so valuable but it’s nice to come home for a good home-cooked meal every once in a while. This balance between home and university has allowed me to reflect on how much I appreciate both. It’s not until I come home that I truly realise how much I was enjoying myself at university. Equally, it’s not until I’m at university that I really appreciate being at home.

I am going to be back and forward between university and home now, so I can balance working and studying (and I might miss my flatmates a little bit already too…). Exams begin soon after Easter so it’s time to put my game face on! I imagine as I type this there is a student sitting in the UEA library sitting with their head in their hands panicking about them.

In other news, Radio 1 have announced the release date for the tickets for the Big Weekend! Check it out here. It’s going to be great press for Norwich as a whole and, of course, a big event for us students at UEA. Fingers crossed I manage to get some tickets and can tell you all about it! Even if I don’t, UEA will be showing everything all over campus so no one misses out.

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