When the sun comes out!

The sun was shining brightly upon us down at UEA this week – meaning spring is finally upon us! It was also election week for our union, which meant the campus was a lot more colourful than usual anyway. Our usual concrete buildings were covered head to toe in posters from candidates, ranging from large upscale ones to simple post-it notes (student budget, I imagine). The pictures below show some of the posters in the background.

Notice how everyone is sitting in the sunny part...

Notice how everyone is sitting in the sunny part…

Ahead of the famous derby day, I went and saw my friend play rugby against Leicester. I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but it was exciting nonetheless. If it wasn’t watching all the big muscly men, it was definitely watching my friend Josh change from his usual teddy bear self into a real raging competitor! At one point he just pulled someone to the floor, or at least that’s what it looked like!

I’m not a part of a sport society myself but all those who are sing them high praises. I actually just enjoyed spending the afternoon watching and meeting even more new people! You can go and watch any sports matches for free here at UEA and it’s a fantastic way to get involved if you’re not very sporty, like me. It’s something different to do with some friends and you’ll be surprised how into it you can get. There is always something going on, particularly on Wednesday afternoons which the university schedules free for students so that they have time to train and play for their sports teams!

There is also an ongoing competition between schools of the university (Biology, History, etc) called the ziggurat challenge. Each week there is a different event in a different sport and members of each school compete against one another for the top prize. You don’t even have to be good, just showing up earns points! As well as participating as a spectator. So definitely something to look out for when you join :-). Be sure to check out the excessive amount of sports societies UEA has to offer (and others!) before you join!

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