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This week I thought I would focus my post on the academic side of university life. With exam timetables soon to be released, and many of us setting up revision timetables (with hopes of sticking to them) I have really become focused on the opportunity I am having within my degree.

For those of you who read my posts regularly, you will know that I’m currently on the foundation year Biological Sciences course. Sometimes I feel there is a bit of a stigma around the ‘foundation year’ but that really isn’t the case. For those of you prospectively looking into studying a foundation year course at UEA, you will know that it as a fantastic bridge onto a course for those who have not had the opportunity to study it previously, and also for those who have been effected by extenuating circumstances. I will mention something I heard on my first day here at UEA, and that you can use this extra year to really good advantage. To prospective employers it tells them that you worked an extra year longer than most and thus shows dedication to your degree. I personally feel more comfortable going into my first year now as well as I have already adapted into ‘university life’ and the transition from college. Something I found particularly helpful for my course is that I have had lots of practice on writing up scientific reports for lab work, that I think I may have struggled with next year otherwise. It has also allowed me to find areas of the course that are my strengths and weaknesses, so I know what will require more work and revision in the future.

In general, I hear lots of great things about the Biology degrees here at UEA. Due to being on the Bio Soc Committee I’ve had lots of opportunities to talk to 1st,2nd and 3rd year students studying a variety of the Biology Degrees and gain some advice for the coming years. Most comment on the challenges that the degrees bring, but I look forward to that. If you found the degree easy, it would feel like a waste of money and time. Challenges give you a chance to learn and think in different ways. For most, the favourite contact time they have on their course is the lab work. With so many specialist practitioners to work alongside with at UEA, it is no wonder why. There is a wide variety of new equipment meaning lots of available practicals to take part in. My experience so far is that they are very well taught and explained, so you can begin to understand machinery that you may need in a future career! I also find practicals a great time to talk to lots of different people, and gain new perspectives on the work you are completing that you may not have considered. Thinking ‘outside the box’ is definitely well encouraged here at UEA.

If you are a prospective Biology student looking to study here at UEA, I welcome any comments or questions I could help with, just enter them below πŸ™‚

I will leave you with an image that is biology related (which only seems fitting). I’m no artist but I’m really proud of this one.

I like to hope you can tell what it is...

I like to hope you can tell what it is…

2 thoughts on “The School of BIO

  1. Hi, you mentioned that you did the foundation year, which I am looking into doing. I just wanted to ask a few questions about it:

    What was it like compared to studying A-level biology, chemistry and maths?
    Does it go into the same level of detail as A-levels?
    Did you feel that you had enough time to do it all in a single year?
    What coursework do you get and what are the exams like?
    Did you feel as well prepared as the A-level students?
    Did anybody successfully go onto do a biochemistry degree after the foundation year?
    What is the typical age group of people on the foundation year?

    Thanks πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Jonathan, I was actually planning on featuring a post in the near future about these specific questions to do with doing a foundation year. I will push this post forward and post it within the next couple of days. I will keep your questions in mind and try my best to answer them clearly. Keep an eye out and do let me know if it helps!


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