UEA 2030

This week, UEA launched a 24 hour time slot giving students, staff, alumni and public alike all the chance to have their say in what they believe UEA should be in 2030.  Many suggestions have been posted here. What do you think about some of the things being said?

I love the idea given on this page about rooftop gardens, it would be a great way to continue to support the local wildlife in Norwich. UEA is renowned for it’s support in degrees such as environmental sciences and this would further reflect this. Plus, it’s space that isn’t being used and I’m sure many would volunteer to help create it (if not just for an excuse to climb on the roof and see the views). I wonder if maybe we could grow our own produce for use in the cafes on campus, it would save money and the fresh produce would taste delicious!

Another point brought up is about whether or not UEA should aim to be a part of the Russel Group. I can see the advantages to this but more the disadvantages. I fell in love with UEA because it was different to most universities I’d seen before. The Russel Group universities are considered ‘elite’, they achieve world class research and students achieve top results. However, UEA is already elite to me and that is because of their motto ‘be different’. This opportunity to voice our opinions on UEA 2030 alone is something quite unique. Our involvement with the community around us is brilliant, and allows us to stick to what’s important about what we achieve here at UEA. Would joining this group ruin our integrity? I loved UEA because it felt accessible, whilst still being a top university. Rather than intimidate me with status, UEA welcomed me with support. Whilst great education is very important, it is not the main focus. Personal health and well-being is taken very seriously here, and I think this is why our students are so successful. Having never attended a Russel group university I can’t say much for the lifestyle there, but I do wonder if by putting such a status on UEA, we would lose our ‘difference’.

However, we all know what we would really like UEA to be, and that’s free.


Just as a side note – next we will have to figure out what we’re gonna do in the year 3,000 when we’re all living underwater (busted reference). We won’t be able to use pens or computers then will we?

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