Norwich Castle

After wanting to visit Norwich Castle since being here, I finally got the opportunity to this week thanks to a great friend of mine. From experience of the ‘museums’ I’ve been to back home, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Often you wander around for half an hour (tops), look at some shiny armour and you’re done. However, my experience at the Norwich Castle museum was pleasantly very different.


A photo of the Castle I took on the day.

If you are a student at NUA (the arts university in Norwich) you get free admission, which I think is a good offer. Normal prices are £6.50, but we went after 3.30 when it only cost £2. We thought an hour would be plenty of time to look around, but we were very wrong! Norwich has so much history behind it, it was very fascinating seeing how the castle used to look and see the findings from excavations of the site. There was even examples of old games people used to play. I’d recommend to any one in the area who hasn’t been to give it a visit. I plan on going back as we didn’t manage to get round the whole castle in the hour we had.


The ‘kings view’ from the Castle out onto Norwich city center.

There was also one of the most random things I’d ever seen in the Castle. There was a board filled with bits of paper where children had written about how they had found their visit. Most were saying they enjoyed it, but below is a picture of one of them that I felt I had to share as it made me laugh.


Kids say the funniest things, right?

Before our visit we had lunch in a place called Patisserie Valerie where they sell some beautiful sweet treats. I personally had the most beautiful strawberry and custard tart, which had a cake filling and a hot chocolate, because I’m weird and don’t drink tea or coffee. Again, I would also very highly recommend treating yourself there!



I thought I’d finish with a lovely sentiment today. My flatmate, who joined us the beginning of this year from Australia, kindly made me this beautiful origami flower. She’s very talented!


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