Radio 1’s Big Weekend

As you may know from some recent posts, I am going to be Maid of Honor for a friend in mid-August. Well, as a side update, we went and bought her dress and mine last weekend! So that is one less thing left on the to do list. I’m looking into things to do for the hen do now, an idea of mine is to go for a spa day in Elveden Center Parcs. Any other idea’s for things to do in or around Norwich for an event like this? Nothing outlandish please!

Back to things more university related – I can now definitely say that the work level has jumped up a notch this semester! I study Biology, Chemistry and Maths as individual modules on my course, and whilst I found first semester fairly easy going, I can’t say the same for the second. I’ve found I’m a lot more interested though, possibly because it is a lot more challenging. University will challenge anyone at some point, maybe that’s one of the reasons most people enjoy it so much. For an example, first semester involved mainly AS level maths, and now we have moved straight into A2 with hints of further maths as well! I am on a foundation year though so I did expect this part to be intense. It is necessary in order to get us all up to the right level for next year. I dread to think how I’m going to find next year… but I know this year will give me the right ‘foundations’ (punny) to start next year in the best position I can.

I have made sure I’m very strictly organised in terms of balancing revision and completion of assignments. Something I have found that helps this is I have a giant year calender on my wall, that  I have put all of my deadlines onto. It helps me to plan my evenings around what is a priority. I also always pack my bag for the next day the night before so I can make sure I have everything I need, especially in terms of paperwork and background research for workshops. My desk is always neat when I do any work too, as it helps me to keep focused. Lets just hope I carry on in these habits…


I’ll end with the news that everyone is talking about this week in Norwich, the announcement of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend coming to Norwich! I feel like these events are following me, first example coming to the LCR, now this. What makes it more perfect is that it is on the 23rd and 24th of May – which just happens to be the weekend of my birthday. So fingers crossed for me to win tickets, I’ll keep you posted! I really hope I get the opportunity to go as I think it will be one of the biggest musical events Norwich has ever hosted, and I’d love to be a part of it. Plus, what better way is there to end your first year at university?

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