Semester 2 Begins!

As some of you may know, I am currently already reaching the end of week 1 of semester 2. My first thoughts when sitting down to write this post was when people told me how quick university would go, they really weren’t lying. I already feel like my first semester has gone by in a blink, before I know it I’ll be onto blog post 100 – scary stuff! I don’t feel as if I have wasted a single part though, it has all been exactly what I thought it would be and more :-).

It’s been a bit of a mish-mash week, settling back into the routine of lectures and such-like. I feel alot more settled in due to coming back earlier and having my room sorted out beforehand though. I have a few pictures to share with you of my journey of coming back, which I’m sure you will all enjoy. Some of you will remember back to one of my first posts, showing the amount of stuff I brought to university to start with. Well I’ll happily let you know this term started no differently, I am stocked high with cans of drinks and snacks (courtesy of Mum) that will keep me going through those coursework and exam deadlines no doubt.

The first picture is of my Mum and I, driving in style. FYI, the sun was really bright driving back so that’s why we’re wearing the sunglasses! They’re also my little sisters which is why they are so big. The other is of the windmills that I pass every time on my journey to Norwich, they usually mark roughly the half way point, so I thought it seemed fitting to put it in this post, as I am now roughly halfway through my first year!

I have not received any major bits of work to do thus far, so I have took the time to do the usual and hang out with some friends. I have been dying to put up the following photo which was taken shortly before I beat my friend Jack at pool! He gets a bit stressed about things like this so it makes it all the more fun 🙂

Beating Jack at Pool ;-)

Beating Jack at Pool 😉

I am going to be doing some pretty great practicals in biology and chemistry this semester that I might write a little about for those of you who may be interested. I started this week by culturing some bacteria that we are going to be studying next week once we have allowed them to grow. Practicals like this is the sort of stuff I really enjoy and one of the many reasons I decided to take my course. Staff are very supportive and helpful as well. Before coming here I felt nervous that I would look stupid if I didn’t know how to do something in a lab, but in fact I should never have worried. They much rather you ask and do it right, than don’t and do it wrong. It reminded me of some silly experiments I used to do in secondary school. I vaguely remember once going onto our school playing field and putting Mentos in coke bottles until they fizzed up and exploded. I don’t really remember what the point of that was but it was fun nonetheless. Can you think of any crazy experiments you used to do back at school? Or about any crazy science teachers you used to have?

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