Early Return

I’d missed Norwich so much that I decided to head back a week early and spend a few days here (with no commitment to university work!). A couple of people were still milling around in my flat building, but overall the university campus was dead quiet. There wasn’t the usual bustling students and teachers wandering around, or people sitting on the steps eating lunch in the square, which felt a bit bizarre. It was oddly comforting though, because I still felt comfortable and at home even with the place being so quiet. I thought I would hate it being so empty but it didn’t bother me in the slightest.
One of the days I spent with a couple of flatmates, Jack and Neringa, wandering around Norwich city centre and really exploring some of the places I’d never seen before. I probably wouldn’t have seen them either if it wasn’t for Jack who, coming from Great Yarmouth, knew a lot about the town already.
Biddy's Tea Room - link to website in post! Highly recommend.

Me hiding from the camera in Biddy’s Tea Room – link to website in post! Highly recommend.

Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop

The two pictures above show some of the places we explored that day. We visited the cutest little place called Biddy’s Tea Room (Link to website here -> http://www.biddystearoom.com/home/4584550845). I tried green tea here for the very first time! I really enjoyed it, it was really tasty. They offer all sorts of teas, for example Neringa had a Cherry Bakewell Tea! The decorations in the place were beautiful, it is full of what I call ‘nic-naks’ and really makes the place special. I would highly recommend visiting it if you’re around the area.

We also visited a couple of thrift shops. One was called Looses Emporium and was absolutely huge. It had the largest collection of antiques I’ve ever seen. We were in there for about an hour just looking around and finding strange and pretty things. It’s a pretty random thing to do with the day but it was weirdly really entertaining. It reminded me off when I used to go to B&Q as a child and I looked at all the different colour charts of the paints which used to keep me entertained for ages.

We then had lunch and drinks in The Bell Hotel – which I had no idea was a Wetherspoons! Again, something I may never have known if it wasn’t for someone showing me.

That just about covers my little Norwich adventure, I’m sure there will be many more to come! Are there any other interesting places in Norwich you think I should visit next time? I’d really appreciate some recommendations 🙂

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