Floor Wardrobe and New Years Eve

Although a week has passed now, I wanted to write a little bit about my night out for new years back home in Essex. I thought it would be a great way to compare one of the many differences between UEA and home! Even though they are only a couple of hours apart it is still surprising how different my life is in both places. I reckon it is mainly to do with the university experience being really unique from everything in general.

I certainly have not missed my parents telling me to do things which I’m sure is true for most people Hehe! I have missed being able to leave that jumper on the floor for as long as I like without my Mum or Dad telling me to pick it up. My room is quite small in Norwich anyway compared to home so I can use that as an excuse here for having a floor-drobe (floor wardrobe) ;-).

Friends From Home!

Friends From Home!

The picture above is of me and a couple of friends ready for a night out for new years eve. It was the first time I’ve ever really done anything for new years eve, as I’m usually not very bothered, and this was my first year of being 18! We had a great laugh and it was good to meet up with people and catch up with them after what feels like a very long time. However I couldn’t help but compare the night life to Norwich, and to be quite frank, it didn’t measure up! In Norwich, surrounded by hundreds of students you will always find someone new to talk to that shares interests with you, and the company always makes the night! Don’t get me wrong it was still a great night back home, but it wasn’t Norwich. I am so used to the clubs and bars in my town I think I found it a bit repetitive, but here there is always somewhere new to go to and try out (for better or worse). I think the student community also plays a big part in how and why it felt so different.

The night life is just an example here. General day to day things are just so different at university, imagine it as living with your best friends. I imagine and hope I can count some of the people I have met so far as being just that eventually! There is so much freedom and lots of responsibility (!) that comes with living on your own but I wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂

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