Build up to Christmas at UEA

In the build up to Christmas, my flat all got together in our final week to celebrate. It was also, rather sadly :-(, a leaving meal for Greg – our flatmate from across the ocean. He’s from New York and stayed at UEA for this past semester only. It was very sad to see him go, he by far had the biggest character in the flat! However it was good to be a part of his experience over here in England and hopefully we have all influenced him into wanting to come back to England sometime soon! So Greg if you’re reading this, we’re going to miss your random singing and poor attempt at a British accent dearly. One of the things he found funny about the British is our use of the word ‘cheers’ all of the time, so I hope you carry on and spread it’s use throughout New York too!

We had originally planned on cooking our Christmas dinner, but then that horrid student disease kicked in. Laziness is a killer. So instead, we ordered pizza hut, and it was beautiful! We shared chocolates and candy canes and crackers over all the hard work that went into calling up for our dinner.

Joe, Greg and Neringa then set up to perform their own version of ‘Baby it’s cold outside’  before Greg jetted off. I believe the video is being edited at the moment so when it’s ready, and if I get permission, I’ll be sure to post it because it was fantastic! It really got me into the Christmas spirit.



christmas party

Group Photo

Now I’m back at home for Christmas, and I’m missing university incredibly! My house, for the first time, actually seems quiet in comparison. I’m really enjoying being home though and particularly being with my family and friends again. If anything I’m extremely excited for next semester compared to how I felt before my first. I know what’s there for me now and that fills me with anticipation! For now I’m relaxing before all the hard work begins again but I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how my Christmas break is going in the mean time.

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