Paint Party!

Photo booth!

Photo booth!

Last week at the LCR the Tuesday theme was a UV paint party. I rounded up a bunch of people from my course, because it was nearing the end of term and I realised we hadn’t really done anything outside of the course together yet, so thought this would be the best opportunity. It also meant we could relax a bit before the dreaded December exams! Ironically however the people in the picture above are not on my course. A couple of my course mates live in the flat upstairs to me so it ended up being a whole bunch of us from the block heading out together as well – and losing each other randomly throughout the night! It was great fun to play around with the UV paints whilst we were getting ready and seeing what random ideas everyone came up with. I was a bit worried about ruining my clothes though so we all wore something we wouldn’t mind getting ruined. This was a good idea in the end as although I had no paint thrown on me as I was expecting, I did accidentally wipe my hand (covered in UV paint) down my top 😦 .

Beforehand we played the ‘pizza box game’ for pre-drinks. If you’ve never played it before, I’ll try my best to explain it to you. You start with a pizza box – that much is obvious I hope. Then everyone playing writes their name down with a circle around it. Then you flip a coin onto the box and if it lands on your name everyone else drinks and if it lands on someone else’s name they drink. I thought I was being clever by writing my name as small as possible so that it was hard to land on me, but that back fired. It just meant I got picked on with the next rule. If someone lands in a blank space they are allowed to make up and write down any rule they wish in that space. Then if someone else lands on that space the rule has to be completed. I’ll let you be imaginative here, but the worst one for me was someone made the rule ‘Maisie drinks a sip of everyone’s drink’. Considering there were 12 of us playing that was pretty rough. Needless to say people aimed for that many a time. So if you do play this game, don’t try to be clever or you’ll just get picked on! One of my favourites was Karen (left and middle in the paint party pictures) had to knock on a random door in the building and say ‘wait, this isn’t where I parked my car’. The bit that had us all laughing was the guy genuinely looked around him and said ‘what car was it?’. An innocent but hilarious prank. It’s a really fun game though, you can be as creative as you want and if you don’t want to complete a rule you can forfeit by having a drink.

This is not our game but a picture of someone else’s to give you an example…

In other news, I’m helping to finish the decorations for the Bio Winter Ball coming up on the 5th, so I’m sure next week I will have lots of christmassy pictures to show you of how the night went!

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