Nights Out & Nights In

You know when you don’t have anything planned for a few days, then suddenly everything happens at once? That’s what has happened – and I’m not complaining! It has been probably the funnest couple of weeks I’ve had here at UEA so far. Maybe even more so than freshers because now I have some real good close friends here and the company is what makes the night :-). It’s good that I’ve gotten it out of my system for a while because I have just handed in my last pieces of coursework today so that means I really need to focus on my December exams. So apologies if my next few posts are a bit lacking in excitement, but I’m sure I can bring it to you in other forms such as writing about Christmas (ahhh!).

I’ll start with the event I was most excited about. Example is a well known artist of whom I have followed for years, having been to many of his gigs before with my best friend Charlotte from home. He’s due to have a baby in the new year so I didn’t think I’d have a chance of seeing him again anytime soon. Then on one beautiful morning I woke up to the news that he was coming to UEA! Words cannot describe how excited I was. I’m pretty sure he knew I was coming here, or at least that is what I am telling myself. It was especially exciting to be seeing him in a smaller venue at the LCR compared to the large arenas in London that I am used to seeing him in! It made the concert a whole lot more intimate (and sweaty!). It was fantastic fun, one of the best gigs of his I’ve ever been too. I was right at the front and, even though that’s where I usually am, because the venue was smaller I was even closer than normal. A friend of mine was outside the venue at the time and said the place was so loud that the windows were shaking! Obviously I could talk for pages and pages about example because he is my personal favourite, but UEA is such a popular place for singers and bands to perform that there are loads of opportunities to find and see someone you like – and only have a very short walk home afterwards which is the best bonus you could ask for!

Picture that example posted to instagram at the end of the night!

Picture that example posted to instagram at the end of the night!

Later in the week I had a spontaneous night out with some course and flat mates. When I say spontaneous I mean I sent a text to people at 9 pm and we were out 2 hours later. But they do say that the unplanned nights are the best nights – and they’d be right! It was such a laugh, we danced away, drunk a little too much and photo-bombed many photos of strangers. We headed to mantra in the city and it was absolutely packed – as you would expect on a student night. I spent ages looking for the camera guy and below is the result:

Night out in the city.

Night out in the city.

On a calmer note, I reverted back to my childhood for one night. When your flat mate knocks on your door and asks if you want to build a blanket fort, watch crappy TV and drink wine, always say YES. It was such a great way to relax and unwind. All whilst being ridiculously funny – who knew how many people it would take to build a blanket fort??

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