Firstly I must apologise as I thought I set the following post to be sent late last week but it didn’t go through  😦 Oh well, I still need to work on my word-press skills it seems. I’ve edited it accordingly so it still makes sense 🙂

A couple of weekends ago now I had an old friend from secondary school come and visit. She is looking into studying at UEA next year so saw it as an opportunity to come and experience the campus and town on a normal day to day basis – I’d of loved to have done this when I was looking into UEA! Open days obviously allow you to do this, but you really must take it upon yourself to explore not only the university but the city/town that it resides. Without doing so, you can’t go home and truly know whether you feel like you could live there.

Another friend of ours and I showed her a portion of the Norwich town, then showed her the lake at UEA. Seeing as she is a prospective ecology student it seemed the best way to show off what UEA could provide her if she decided to come, and failing that it remains a beautiful place to relax and a great setting to enable us to catch up!

My mum also came down for a visit, planning to do some Christmas shopping for everyone but instead ended up with it being Christmas shopping for my sister! I haven’t really got any photos to show you this time round, so I took a picture of some Christmas biscuits to spice things up. Stocking up on treats seems to be the only way I can get through my workload. It keeps me going because I reward myself when I’ve worked for a certain amount of time 🙂

Christmas Biscuits :-D

Christmas Biscuits 😀

I’m continuing to sell a lot more tickets for the biological sciences society. I’m really enjoying the role I’ve taken on as a part of this society as well as being a fantastic thing to include on my CV, I’ve met some really lovely people! I enjoy helping where I can, feeling like I am a part of something, and it’s absolute great fun. I know I have mentioned about societies a lot but I really think they are an important way of balancing work and play. So if you go to university, join up!

Didn’t have a lot else happen last week, as end of term approaches (AH! Where did that come from?!) I have been revising a lot for my end of module exams in December. Not everyone has these – assessments will vary from course to course.  Oh I guess there was one thing I forgot…

I am very excited to say I have been asked to be Maid of Honour for my friend Jenny (the kebab girl) next year. Not what I was expecting to come out of my first year at university but exciting none the less! Goes to show how quickly friendships really can blossom 🙂

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