Fireworks & Einstein

I actually have a fair amount to write about this week so I think I’ll be splitting this post into two and posting another short update later in the week so it’s not as much heavy reading – so keep your eyes peeled ūüôā (I have an exciting announcement!)

Following from the Halloween antics of my last update, I since attended my first fireworks show in Norwich. It was a free event held in the city center and I’d highly recommend it to any future students coming to UEA! I met up with my best friend and her flat mates and we went out to some pubs afterwards, so all in all a fantastic night. I’ve put some photos below because I know that some of you probably only look at the pictures rather than read everything I say Ha Ha!

I'm sure you've seen many pictures of fireworks, but these are special Norwich ones.

I’m sure you’ve seen many pictures of fireworks, but these are special Norwich ones.


The fireworks gang.

We also held the pub quiz social that I mentioned in a previous update this past week. It was a fantastic night with a great turn out. However majority of teams were made up of lecturers from UEA so us feeble students didn’t stand much of a chance in terms of winning any prizes :-(. However the winning team in the end was actually¬†made up of students! It was all for such a great cause – Make A Wish Foundation. In the end we managed to raise ¬£204 towards the cause and that makes me feel even more happier about being a part of the night. My team came 17th out of 20 in the end, so maybe my talents do not lie in general knowledge. I think my only contribution was the answer to ‘what is rhinology the study of?’. Hint: It’s not Rhino’s! This is just an example of the great things you can achieve as part of your experience both at UEA and at university as whole. It’s not all about your degree (although that obviously is a vital reason you are here) it is also about enjoying all other aspects that university offers – society socials being one of them!

My society have also begun selling tickets to the famous winter ball! You will find there are lots of key socials that are renowned in each society. Find out what they are and GO TO THEM!!! You will not regret it. I am so excited for this one in December, which I’m sure you will hear all about!

BioSoc Pub Quiz.

BioSoc Pub Quiz.

I handed my first few pieces of summative assignments and coursework over the past week. For those who aren’t sure, summative means it counts towards your final grade. In contrast we also do formative work that still gets marked as summative work would, and helps you to prepare for and guides you for the work that counts. I’m surprisingly really struggling with word counts the most. It feels like 500 words is just not enough to say all the things I want to say. The skill they are trying to teach us though is specificity, and answering the question you are asked. As Einstein once said ‘if you cannot explain it simply, you cannot explain it well enough’. A lot of focus is also, as a first year student, on us developing our research skills, and being able to identify reliable sources. Basically showing¬†us there is a world outside of Wikipedia! So yes, a scary week, but the feeling of accomplishment you get when you have completed a piece of work is just great – and that is the reason you are here after all! I’m also just going to input I managed to get 100% on a Biology quiz this week. This goes to show that hard work will always pay off. Seeing the results makes you really realise what a fantastic opportunity you have – as long as you make the most of them of course!

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