All the monsters came out to play at UEA for Halloween this year! I know there was a whole host of events being held in Norwich town, and in UEA’s LCR (told you it would crop up a lot). However this year our flat decided to opt for our own flat party! This meant we got to go all out with decorations, drink and food. We had cob webs covering our kitchen and spiders hidden everywhere you looked. I tried to take some pictures but it was too dark to see anything, and with lights it didn’t really give the effect I wanted, so I’ll leave it to your imaginations. I do, however, have pictures of some costumes!

Alice in Zombieland??

Alice in Zombieland and The Mad Hatter


Jelly Bean Box!

Alice (AKA Joe) made herself and James the Alice in Wonderland themed costumes! Everyone was so impressed. She even made the hat; my flatmate is a woman of many talents! Then Neringa, another flat mate of mine, is starring as a Jelly Bean Box. The things she wrote on the back, that you may be able to make out, give her points for pure genius. I wasn’t so creative and went as the Devil, but I got to wear a pretty dress :-).

I was also told by James that he would only let me put this photo up if I said how amazing he was – so here you go James.

This is an example of many exciting things you can get involved with at university! Meeting new people means making new opportunities and you have to take them and make the most of it. (Maybe the cheesiest sentence I’ve ever wrote – I will look back at that in years to come and laugh at least).

It was actually reading week so I haven’t done a lot other than the flat party as I have been using the time to catch up on my studies. I received my first assignment back with a 90% pass so I was suddenly motivated to finish the rest of my work whilst I was still in a good and motivational mood. You’ll often find that at university, alike to most of your previous educational experiences, you hit walls throughout your course. It is important at these times, when you just can’t focus, to give yourself a well deserved break and come back to it later with a clear head. Otherwise, you will burn yourself out which I can already see happening to some students. So although you are here to learn, always remember to take some time for yourself. Your best work will only ever be produced when you’re in the best mood! So take care of yourself, be selfish with your time; university is one of the rare times you can fully appreciate that.

On a side note – I had another take away this week. My friend Jenny from my course, who is about 5″2, managed to eat a kebab the size of her head. Students will never fail to amaze you!

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