Mid-Term (Already??)

Good News!
I have successfully been appointed as a rep for the Biological Sciences Society (as I spoke about in a previous post) and also appointed the rep for my course. These are great things to get involved with here at UEA, and there are so many opportunities alike to those that I have taken on. To employers it says I’m a person with passion, and by becoming involved in these projects I get to meet so many wonderful people; so a fantastic thing to do all round!  My first social is a pub quiz, of which 2/3rds is going to the Make A Wish Foundation. We get to have a laugh and it’s all for a great cause.

Home Sweet Home
I visited home this past weekend, to work a shift at work. I work in a children’s play centre and the bosses are my mums friends so I’m very lucky to have such flexible and on/off working hours!  It was great to be back. What I particularly noticed was not only just how excited I was to go home, but how excited I was to come back to UEA.  It’s like having two homes now! It’s a great feeling to feel so comfortable in both places; it was something I was really worried about before coming to university. Also it was handy because I got some washing done for me too, and some real good dinners (drools)! I saw my dogs which was one of the most exciting parts; I’ve missed them a lot. I also picked up some tickets, which very conveniently came at the right time, to see example here at UEA in November so I’m sure that’s all I’ll be blogging about that week.


Example Ticket!!!


My poor dog had a cut on his leg!

But What About The Course?
Generally things have started to pick up in terms of work load. However by now I am adjusted enough to everything else I.e. looking after myself that I am prepared for the mountainous work load that I can undoubtedly expect over the coming years. In my little room I am well equipped to study away and I am just beginning to figure out the maze that is the library.

I will leave you with my present to myself that I bought over the weekend. I shall be saving these for the stressful nights, probably in the build up to my December exams (eek!). I advise getting a stock of treats to keep yourself going through long periods of study. You’ll thank me later.

Hot Chocolates mmmmmm

Hot Chocolates mmmmmm

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