The Town of Norwich.

For the past couple of weeks I have been spending my time getting to know the inner city of Norwich. As UEA is a campus university it is very easy to never leave the site, as you have literally everything you need here. The city center, however, is known for it’s shops! There is a shop for everything you could ever wish for, with many allowing student discounts on top of that. There are two large main shopping malls alongside streets upon streets of high street shops and markets. It is a beautiful city and only a short bus ride away from campus so if you come to visit on an open day I strongly recommend having a visit into town and experience the city as a whole.

A view of Castle Mall - one of the two main shopping centers.

A view of Castle Mall – one of the two main shopping centers.

This past weekend I got to celebrate my best friends birthday. She lives very close to the city center and is currently studying at Norwich University of the Arts. We had a fantastic night out to celebrate her turning 19 (and I’ve only just turned 18 it feels…!). Did some exploring of town, she showed me some places I’d never have found without her, as the town seems to go on for miles. I still have not covered all of it’s corners! I also went out a couple of times with my flat mates to the LCR – our club here on campus. Should you attend UEA you will discover the greatness that is the LCR, and also be able to laugh at those who are new that stumble in wearing high heels – only to find they are now stuck to the floor (no, really). Great fun all round, but I’m making the most of it before all the real work kicks in!

Beautiful view of Norwich Castle!

Beautiful view of Norwich Cathedral!

Animal night at the LCR.

Animal night at the LCR.

As a side note – I thought I would inform you that this week I very proudly made my first ever pancakes. Am I an adult now??

2 thoughts on “The Town of Norwich.

  1. Loving the blog Maisie, great to see you getting to know the area – I obviously have a personal interest as you’re family but also as an ex-Norwich girl! 🙂 p.s – your photo isn’t of Norwich Castle! 😉
    Looking forward to hearing all about uni life – particularly as I’m currently trying to get a job working at one myself! 🙂 xxx


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