Settling In

After the first week, and you are over the excitement of everything being new (kind off!) it’s so much easier to relax and really get to know people, particularly your flat mates. We have assigned Friday night as being take-out night, and for those who can’t afford it they just eat their own dinner with us anyway; so it’s pretty much the one night we all try to eat together. This is because we all have such different timetables during the week that the times that we eat are staggered throughout the day. This comes in handy because it means there is always room to cook but also means we have to find other ways of socialising together! Which leads me nicely onto…

In my flat we seem to have a routine of pranking each other, and I don’t really know why. It all started with one of my flatmates constantly leaving their bedroom door unlocked when they went out. At one point they even left their key in the door! So as a lesson we thought we’d put post-stick notes all over his room saying a mixture of things like ‘I could have stolen this’ as well as the majority saying ‘Rick Roll’ (this is a youtube prank whereby this song: will pop up randomly throughout videos). Needless to say, it went downhill from there – but he learnt his lesson!

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