My First Week

As you would expect, the lead up to leaving home and moving to university is a daunting time. My main concern was not knowing what to expect when I arrived. I also had a lot running through my mind that included dealing with the prospect of not waking up to see my family every day (particularly my dogs)! You will probably hear it over and over again, but once you are here, you will be fine. I have settled in so well, and as I write this I have only been here a week! It is a home away from home – and I feel as if I have been here for weeks not days.


My dog ready to travel with me (I wish).

A picture of my humble abode.

A picture of my humble abode.

Moving In
Moving in is one of the most stressful but exciting times. As you can see from my pictures there is so much you need to remember! With help (aka mum) I managed to get everything I needed. And just about managed to fit it into her car – which is a 7 seater! If you’re lucky like me your parents/guardians will also stock you up on essentials as can be seen in the large previous picture of my room. This included a crate of tango, a crate of noodles and if you’ve already noticed the very large bottle of vodka then we know what you’re looking forward to in the first week of university! I was quite lucky to be on the first floor of my building (in the village) so did not have to carry a lot. There are helpers who can carry stuff for you anyway. The first night was all about getting to know my flatmates and relaxing (vodka came in handy here!).

uni car stuff

My car FULL of my things!

Welcome Week
There’s only one word for the first week I had on campus: amazing! It is one of the rare chances you will have to explore, have fun, meet hundreds of new and interesting people without having to worry about workload etc. So embrace it! During the day the union run events such as sports society fairs. Here you have the opportunity to sign up to a variety of society’s that you probably haven’t heard of before. You can expand on skills you already have or learn new ones! I joined the biological sciences society (for obvious reasons) and am currently in the process of trying to create a position on it for a foundation year rep. This shows how you can really make your experience here whatever you want it to be. Suggestions are always welcome, and if there isn’t a society on something and you think there should be, then you can create it! The nights out in fresher’s week are not ones to miss. My first night was the t-shirt party in which you get your own t-shirt to decorate and is a great way to introduce yourself to other people. I also went to see Zane Lowe live as part of an event which was incredible. I met a friend there who I hadn’t seen in two years – so university not only introduces you to new people but sometimes reintroduces you to old! More unusually there was a hypnotist at this year’s fresher’s, and although I don’t believe in it I must say that it was a fantastic night and experience and would highly recommend it for your fresher’s week! It is seriously funny and a nice way to wind down after some intense partying or a good alternative if parties aren’t your thing. A good night to share with flatmates especially 🙂

Martin S Taylor freshers event.

Martin S Taylor freshers event.

zane lowe

Zane Lowe freshers event.

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